Pony Cycles

Ponycycle party hire Aberdeen

Pony Cycle Hire

Unique Ride-on toys in different characters.

For ages: 3 - 11

Pony Cycles are like fluffy animals which you can ride and steer.
The unique gallop motion makes the ponies move forward.

- Non marking wheels
- For Indoor & outdoor use
- Very easy & safe to ride

- Unicorn Pony Cycles
- Zebra Pony Cycles
- Light Brown Pony Cycles
- Brown & White ponies Cycles
- Tiger Pony Cycles

Pony Cycle Parties - 2 Hour
Option(1): Five x Pony Cycle hire = £90
Option(2): Eight x Pony Cycle hire = £130
Option (3): Ten x Pony Cycles Hire = £160

Pony Cycle Event Hire - Day Hire
Call for event hire: 075 4534 5352

Pony Cycle Track - Optional

We can install a track at your venue on any level grassed area if you do not have a smooth level riding area available. Available for all pony cycle as well as electric scooter hires.

Track Hire: £180 per day

Please also see: Electric Scooters

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