Dinosaur Parties

You know its a special party when an actual T-Rex pitches up to surprise you and your friends on your big day.
Roar-some FUN with Tyrant the T-REX

Dinosaur petting zoo

Dino Petting Zoo

Not all Dinosaurs are scary, just like our herd of Baby Triceratops. They will eat leaves out of your hand, while grunting. Rub them or ride them, you instantly love them.

Fossil Digs

Fun digging for Dinosaur bones & fossils. We supply the fossil dig site and fossils for all occasions.


Dinosaur Props

We have a full range of life size dinosaur props available for all types of events, museum display or parties

Jurassic Car & Dinosaurs

Why not setup for the full Jurassic look with a JP 4x4 and T-Rex to get everybody talking.

Tyrant the T-Rex

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